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Distant Future Sunrise (Full Story)

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Obsessive newbourn
I will graduately add each day hopefully the full version of Distant Future Sunrise as at the same time I will write the second story.
I will now have a synopsis here for all you to read.

Seventeen year old Lucille Cullen, is a half-human and half-vampire.
Lucille originally travels back in time to bring back her brother and his
friend from being in the past. But complications make her stay. Lucille
will discover something about herself that she never knew before with
the help of her three best friends.


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Obsessive newbourn
As I looked into the face of this human I realise she was familiar to me. Someone who always gave me maternal love I grew up with. I seemed to notice the arms of the vampire closest to the human encircling the human’s waist with loving affection. I realise suddenly that these were the main people in my family that I needed to talk to find out the truth about who I was.

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Obsessive newbourn
1) Goodbye
I looked at my mother with sad eyes. Then I looked at the others around me wishing me farewell the moment. I knew that I would be gone for a long time but I had to set things straight out before they got even worse.
"Mother, I promise I’ll get that brother of mine back and set some things straight before I come home," I said feeling very vulnerable and wanting to break down and cry which I knew I couldn't.
"Lucille, I know you can do this you have your own power to succeed but you do not realise it yet. Now go or you'll never make It!" my mother said I knew there was a hint of sadness and grief in her voice.
I was happy that my father stood tall beside her with his arms encircled around my mother’s waist with loving affection of true love. I walked towards the simmering door like object and turned around staring at my whole family.
Then I seemed to find my voice and as I said as a farewell "Goodbye, God only knows when we shall meet again." After I said my farewell I stepped backwards into the simmering door like object.
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
I woke up I felt the sun intensive heat on my face. The sky was cloudy and I knew there was going to be rain as I sniffed the air. I looked around my surroundings and saw a small river nearby, I got up In a quick flash and walked to the small river In a matter of seconds and sat down, crossed my legs and looked at my face In the water reflection and said to myself "I can do this.
I'm strong because if my full name isn't Lucille Bella Alice Rosalie Esme Rene Cullen then it shouldn't be my name at all."
I always knew how to describe myself since the age of fourteen and I pretty well knew how to describe myself now because of being small, slender but round, small features, wavy hair to my waist the colour is brownish reddish and I have my mother’s heart-shaped face.
Thinking to myself as I leaned back trying to relax on the hard rough ground that my back connected with and closed my eyes straight away an image of my whole family appeared.
My mother and father, my older sister and both of my brothers then a shadow appeared over one of my brothers and he suddenly disappeared. I woke up straight away and got up feeling scared. I looked again at my surroundings and finally felt safe that I was in this small mystical place of the forest. Suddenly I was thirsty, I needed to hunt or I’ll don't know what my actions would be if I didn’t hunt now. So I got up from the ground and followed my instincts to quench my thirst.

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Obsessive newbourn
2) Unknown Vampire
Another day of school I sighed as I got up out of bed and headed downstairs to the kitchen where I saw my dad Charlie was already dressed in his uniform and ready to keep Forks under control from any crime.
"Hi Charlie, I thought you would have left for work already?" I asked in the brightest morning voice I could manage as I walked around the kitchen trying to find something I was Interested in eating for breakfast.
"No Bella, I was going to leave in two minutes anyway but you woke up," said Charlie his voice sounded like he was interviewing a suspect and I was that suspect being interviewed. I sat down at the table and began to eat my breakfast, and then there was a knock on the front door.
"I'll let whoever it is in. I have to go now to work, Bells," Charlie said as he stood up and went to the front door and let the person who had come by to visit inside the house then the door closed I heard my Charlie’s car start and drive away. "Hello, Bella," said a soprano voice of my vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen. I turned around and looked at him like I haven't seen him since over in a matter of years than hours. Edward to me is lanky not bulky, boyish looking and his bronze hair is always untidy.
"Edward," I whispered as I got up and faced him. Then Edward slipped his arms around my waist and held me close to his body. I was worried at that moment something was terribly wrong. I stepped out of Edwards arms and looked into his face, into those golden eyes of his.
"Edward, what’s wrong?" I asked in a whisper knowing that Edward would hear it no matter how small I tried to make my voice sound.
"Bella, I need you to follow me to my home. Alice saw something and it concerns all of us," Edward said never hinting any emotions in his voice just a request. I looked away for a moment from Edward and looking at the rest of the kitchen around me then suddenly I was looking into Edward golden eyes again I whispered "Sure I'll go then maybe I can find out why you are so worried." Edward went outside to his Volvo and opened the passenger door for me. I followed Edward as soon as I closed the front door and went to the Volvo and climbed in and sat down. Edward closed the door on the passenger side and in a flash Edward was already on the other side of the car. Edward joined me inside Volvo and closed the door.
Then in another flash we were speeding to the Cullen’s house.
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
When Edward and Bella finally sat down I sighed with relief. I already had the rest of my family here in the living room already waiting for met tell them what was going on. My names Alice Cullen my ability is to see events In the future before they even happen. I always liked how people describe me as pixie like, very thin; small features and what cool spiky hair I have. As I looked at the room again I cleared my throat that got everyone’s attention so I started to speak.
"Thanks, everyone I called this meeting because I have seen an unknown vampire in this region. I don't know who she is or what she wants but I can take you to where she is," I finished my soprano voice was singing as I spoke. "Alice, are you sure about this?" Bella asked suddenly looking very pale. "I'm very sure and at the moment the unknown vampire in question is in Edward's and yours special meadow," I answered in a positive voice looking everyone in the face as I did so.
"What do we do Alice?" asked Esme, who always has been like a mother to me ever since I joined the Cullen family.
"Well all I can tell you is that we all go to the meadow and talk to the vampire and we question her," I said in a low voice. It was all I could say I wasn't up to telling everyone who the unknown vampire Identity.
"What are we waiting for? Let's find out who this unknown vampire is then we can figure out whether she's a good vampire or a bad vampire," demanded Emmett. Emmett Is the brute force of the Cullen family who there to make jokes and then the next second to beat up someone.
Emmett's taller than me measuring 6'5", he always seems like a giant to me ever since I first met him. Rosalie who's married to Emmett always describes him as big, muscular, with dark curl hair. Oh by the way when I say Rosalie’s married to Emmett I mean every ten years at least they get married again. Rosalie always like being the centre of attention.
But Emmett and Rosalie only marry every ten years at least to renew their love. Jasper thinks it’s just ridulous to always get married continuous and so do I secretly, that's why Jasper and me have only married once.
I turned to look at Jasper my husband who has the sweetest honey blonde hair, 6'3" In height and is muscular but lean. Often Jasper and Rosalie are told they look like twins, that's why every time enrol to a school they enrol as twins. Then I looked away from Jasper and looked at everyone else and sighed deeply. "Emmett’s right. It's time for us to go to this vampire and figure out who she is," I said. Everyone got up from where they were sitting and we all then headed towards the meadow and Bella of course was holding tightly to Edward.
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
"Ah, it's so great to finally get to relax now that I've quenched my thirst," I said in a happy soprano voice. Suddenly I sensed something that there was someone or more coming to see me. I stood up and looked in the direction of the trees in front of me and surely enough I saw other vampires appear and a human was with them.
I spoke up "Um...hi...uh...can I ask who you all?" asking curiously as I gazed at the vampires and human standing in front of me. Then I focused my attention and looked into the face of the human. I almost gasped when I realise that she was familiar to me. Someone who always gave me maternal love I grew up with. I seemed to notice the arms of vampire closest to the human encircled the human waist with loving affection.
I suddenly realised then that these were the main people in my family that I needed to talk to find out the truth of who I was and what I was doing here even thought I had a pretty good Idea.
"My names Carlisle Cullen, this is my wife Esme and our adoptive children," said Carlisle as he nodded to the rest standing next to him.
"Hello, I'm Lucille...Lucille Cullen. Actually my full name is Lucille Bella Alice Rosalie Esme Rene Cullen," I finished saying and took deep breaths.
Everyone in front of me just stared at me. I knew the questions were going to thrown figurely at me.
One of the vampires in front of me spoke "Your last name is Cullen but how can that be?" he asked I knew somehow he fighting an emotional battle over this. Lifting my chin a bit and clearly spoke "I think Alice should tell you then I fill in the spots," I said I knew that Alice could explain to everyone what was going on very quickly. "Alice?" everyone asked in questioning voices looking from Alice to me and back again.
"The reason why Lucille has Cullen as a last name. This is because Lucille is the one of the future daughters of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan," Alice answered to the questioning voices.
"You sure Alice, about this?" asked the human in a small faint voice who now I knew was my mother. "Yes, Bella it's true. Lucille will have to tell you and the rest of us the reason to why Lucille’s here from the future and how it happened,” Alice answered Bella smiling warmly as possible as she could. "Why don’t we sit down if I'm going to explain all that it's gonna take me a while," I said with a huge sigh; looking calmly at everyone.

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