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Ryan Reynolds for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn?

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of course.... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy heeh...I <3 my twi(n) sada ima po dobrom delu moje shkole. Very Happy

Edward's spider-monkey

Heroic vampire
.MisS.CulleN. (citat):
Edward's spider-monkey (citat):Ryan Reynolds, who recently starred with The Twilight Saga: New Moon star Kristen Stewart in Adventureland, whose film X-Men Origins: Wolverine just opened in theatres this Friday, and who is married to Iron Man 2 star Scarlett Johansson, has a small group of Twilight fans (see here) swooning for him to take a spot in the book-to-film translation of Stephenie Meyer's fourth Twilight series book Breaking Dawn.
These fans say that Reynolds would be absolutely perfect for the small, but significant, role of Garrett, the wandering nomad who comes to the side of the Cullens in their time of need.
Jolly, olive-skinned, and observant, Garrett's character is [*spoiler*] a sort of speech-giving savior to the Cullens in Breaking Dawn with the Renesmee situation. Standing up to the Volturi, this somewhat messy wanderer has to use his words to save the day.
With Reynolds, we all know that he is a fast-talking, speech-wielding know-it-all type in most of his films, but he can also pull of some rather intense scenes as well.
So what do you think? Do you think Ryan Reynolds could make a good Garrett if and when Breaking Dawn starts casting? If not, who do you picture for the part? Comment below and let us know!
To join the discussion about making Breaking Dawn into a film, see here.
wiii...moja i jejina ljubavXDDD koju nam je ukrala cogzyXD

ja ukrala.... shta loopash tu???

ja sam se samo prikljucila kad sam ga videla beez gornjeg dela odece!!!

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